How do I activate the smoke bombs?

  • String or wire pull activated smoke bombs. These are activated by pulling the wire at a 90 degree angle in one smooth motion (no jerky pulling motion)


Are these safe to breathe in?

  • It is never recommended to breathe in smoke, but these are simple consumer level smoke effects, so if you breathe in a little you should be ok. 

Can they be hand held?

  • We do not recommend holding any smoke bombs in your hand. Please follow the instructions on each smoke bomb.  The wire pull products are "cool burning" so they don't get very hot at the base until about 50 seconds have passed, but we still recommend setting them on the ground after activation. Some customers do choose to hold them which we do not condone 

Can I take smoke grenades on an airplane?

  • No

Can I let someone under 18 use them?

  • No

Can I use them in a dry area that has flammable items around?

  • No

Can I use them at a sporting event or concert?

  • No

Can you overnight some to me?

  • No, we are unable to overnight packages. We can only ship ground (not air) because of the nature of the products so the options available to you at checkout are the fastest we can get your order to you.

    Can I use them inside?

    • No, they release way too much smoke to be used indoors.

      Can I stop the smoke from coming out once it is activated?

      • No, please don't try. That would result in injury. Never put your hand near the end that has smoke coming out.

        Can you ship to another country?

        • We ship to worldwide everywhere